Intex Inflatable Family Pool Swim Center

Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool, 120" X 72" X 22", for Ages 6+


Escape the summer heat with this Intex 16 ft

My oldest is now 7 and is getting a little old for this type of kid's pool. It isn't deep and is on the small side, but it is a good place to cool off. My six and four year olds still love the pool and would spend all day in it if I would sit out and watch them for that long. The Intex Inflatable Family Pool will never be confused for a "real" pool, but it certainly is a hit with preschool and early elementary school aged kids. For $25 it has certainly given us three summers of fun.

The biggest problem with the Intex Inflatable Family Pool is changing the water. There is no filter, so after playing in the water on Saturday and Sunday the pool needs to be emptied until next time. The opening for the water drain is less than 2". It takes at least 40 minutes for the pool to drain to the point where I can flip the pool upside down and get all the water out. My biggest problem with the pool is the design of the plug. It is attached to the pool so you can't lose the plug; unfortunately as the water flows toward the hole to drain it pushes the cover back down onto the hole, slowing the draining process. I try and find a stick to put through the hole into the ground to stop the drain cover from closing off the hole.

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    This is our third summer with the Intex Inflatable Family Pool. Admittedly, it isn't in use all summer; there is too much work involved. But it gets at least several weekends worth of play every summer. So far we have had no tears, holes or fading.

    This rectangular shaped Intext Inflatable Family Pool measures 10' X 6' and almost 2' high. The walls are about 1' thick, so the swimming area is more like 8' X 4' and it holds over 250 gallons of water. The pool is inflated by filling three separate wall chambers, using any hand or foot pump. There is a single plug in one corner of the pool for letting the water out.