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iPod Nano 8th Generation Still Coming

Apple iPod Nano 2014 update is the successor of and it would not be a surprise that iPod Nano 8th generation features set would bring some of the exquisite things from the new splendid iPod Nano gadget including extra power, 32GB memory, longer battery, Bluetooth support, new Wristband, , Facetime and Siri features.

It is also being rumored that new iPod Nano 8G will get bigger screen this time too with 8GB, 16GB and 32GB storage models. Many times, Apple has redesign iPod Nano in the past couple of years. To get a more focused insight on what future design and features improvements we may see in Apple's new iPod Nano 2014, please checkout iPod Nano 8th Generation Review.

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  • iPod Nano 8th Generation Storage
    Storage is highly important as it enables one to have his or her files at the touch of a button with ease without having to store them in huge devices. It is highly rumored that the new epic Apple iPod Nano 8G would come with a memory capacity of up to 32GB. With these kind of storage capacity one would be able to store all sorts of videos photos and music without having to worry much about space. This is essentially an important improvement as compared to the early versions of the iPod which had limited storage capacity of 8GB.

  • iPod nano 8th generation concept by dagimpartist on DeviantArt

    Well, no one know other than Apple that when the iPod nano 8 Gen is releasing, but we do not expect iPod Nano 8th generation coming out before fall 2014.

    Now Apple plans for 8th Generation iPod Nano Release in fall 2014. New iPod Nano 8th Generation Release Date is evident from the gadget upgrade pattern Apple follows for its devices new models.