Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion - 27 oz

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I have used Johnsons baby lotion since my late teens. I am almost 61 and look
Years younger. I am a success story, and many people ask
me my secret. It is baby lotion and I would not
be without it.

Cetly Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcojol, Benzyl Alcohol, Stearic Asic, and Oleic Acid....all ingredients found in Johnsons Baby lotion and other Baby products by Johnsons. They say it is safe on newborns, LIES! I used this on my newborn when I ran out of DOVE for sensitive skin, one night and boy I should of never used that little Johnsons Baby Body Wash in her bath, she broke out all over her body. Her doctor said it was more than likely because of the switch in using JOHNSONS. Which are not equip for newborn skin, or any baby skin for that matter. Once back using DOVE soap and AVEENO unscented lotion for Babies her skin cleared up quick. I am sticking with DOVE and AVENNO products from now on! JOHNSONS BABY PRODUCTS are not for babys skin! YOU ARE ONLY BUYING THE NAME NOT THE QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT. Don't be fooled by the hype!

Johnson & Johnson Sorbolene Lotion 750ml Your Discount Chemist

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  • Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion 100 ml

    Ive been using johnson & johnson lotions for as long as i can remember. This is my favorite scent out of the whole line. Very light once applied on skin and moisturizes my skin throughout the whole day!! I have the pump version at one and keep the bottled version in my gym bag! Def will repurchase :)