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Look after the creatures rescued by the LEGO® Friends at the Jungle Tree Sanctuary. Help Mia feed the lion cub in his paddock before she goes to top up the parrot’s biscuits in the birdhouse. Now it’s time to give the monkey a bath – watch him slide down the vine right into the bucket of water! Then head to the laboratory to examine some jungle samples and note your observations on the computer. Watch the playful animals from the platform before settling down for the night in the cozy bedroom.

There are 6 forms of trees: oak, birch, pine/spruce, jungle, dark oak, and acacia. Oak and birch trees come in a variety of sizes, and jungle and pine trees do even more so. Thick jungle trees are often naturally found, being made by 4 in a square shape. Oaks can grow tall, but not as tall as jungle trees. Birch trees appear as the same as small oak variants, with different wood. Pine and Jungle trees may also grow this way. Trees are naturally composed of blocks and .

(This is rare—giant jungle tree farming is sustainable).

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    These "trees" are different from others because they take the form of a , but are treated by the game as trees when they grow on the surface. Unlike the other kinds of trees, they cannot be planted. Surface mushroom trees grow on mushroom grass above sea level in a similar way to jungle trees, and can grow branches. When cut down, they will drop glowing mushrooms rather than wood. They do not drop acorns or mushroom grass seeds on the surface. Underground giant mushrooms are different in that they do not always drop , and they sometimes drop mushroom grass seeds. They have a different appearance and cannot grow with branches.

    Jungle Trees have 2 natural formations. One is a short tree that resembles an oak tree. and can be found growing on these. The second is a very tall tree, with a 2x2 base. These tall trees are often referred to as Redwoods, and can contain over a stack of logs each. Vines are usually found growing on Redwoods.