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InCharacter Costumes Baby's Itty Bitty Lady Bug Costume, Red/Black, Medium


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chorus (2x)
At night i think of you
I want to be your lady baby
If your game is on give me a call boo
If your love is strong, i gotta give my all to you

LADY BABY, Japan’s quirkiest new music group, are making their international debut at HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market 2015! The combination of Japanese idols and a harder, Metal sound is given an extra edge, both aurally and visually, by the addition of the most unique idol of all. This group smashes all borders, be they gender, nationality, culture, age, or values to create Japanese idols with a new feeling!

lady antebellum baby charles kelley

  • Adorable and cute lady bug baby costume
  • Ladybug costume with red and black polka dotted dress
  • Black mesh trim on skirt
  • Crinkled black material up top
  • Matching bug wings
  • One size, fits up to 24 months

Ladybeard Debuts Idol Unit Called LADYBABY | Pure Idol Heart

Now Ladybeard has teamed up with some junior idols Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya to create their own Idol unit called “LADYBABY.
LADYBABY are currently doing promotional work for the Clearstone costume company.
With their debut getting underway, there is only one question left to ask.

The typical J-pop group features several, or in some cases several dozen, "kawaii" ("cute") idols: costumed teenage girls who sing peppy music. The Ladybaby trio features two young ladies who would fit right in with the rest of the J-Pop landscape, and a third member of the band who sticks out like... well... a bearded man dressed as a "kawaii" idol.