LEGO Belville Sets: 7585 Horse Stable NEW *Rough Shape*

LEGO 7585 Belville Horse Stable

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Lego Belville Shell Promotion Swing Set 49pcs #2555

Thereare still quite a few Lego Belville sets that can be ordered through Amazonand through Ebay and there are lots of the sets in this rangeavailable on Ebay, both new andlightly used and they are atextremely reasonable prices.

I'm offering up for sale a great assortment of discontinued Lego Belville sets. For those that don't know what these are, they are sets designed for girls. These Legos have more pastel colors, and the figures are better articulated. They offer play value more inline with what girls would like to play with. Of course, boys can certainly play with them as well. My son and daughter played with them together. Just to let you know, there isn't any Star Wars, Pirates, Castle, or any other Lego themes here. I have many sets, and have done an inventory on them. The ones listed have been verified as being 100% complete. All of the pieces are in very good condition. No chew marks, hair balls, marbles, mega blocks, sticky pieces or other stuff here. I will sell all, some, or just one set if you are interested. The more you buy, the better price I can give you. If you want them all, $350.00 will get them. Prices will vary according to what you want from there.
The sets that I have are as follows:
Set Number Name Includes
5960 Mermaid Castle Has box and instructions
5940 Doll House Has box and Instructions
5941 Riding School New in sealed box
5870 Pretty Playland Has instructions, No box
5963 Princess and the Pea Has box and instructions
5964 Thumbelina Has box and instructions
2555 Swing Set Has instructions, No box
5830 Fun Day Sundaes Has instructions, No box
5856 Paprika & the Mischevious Monkey Has box and instructions
These would be a great Christmas gift for your Daughter, Niece, Grand Daughter, Cousin, Sister, Mom, Aunt, Grandma, God Daughter, Neighbor's daughter or anyone else you would like to please on Christmas morning. Boys like them too, they give the Star Wars ships something to shoot at!
I can send larger pictures if you want. Any questions? Just ask.

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    Personally, I would have bought the fairy tale LEGO Belville sets if they had been minifigure size. I feel the same way about these new LEGO Friends sets. I like the concepts of the sets. Even with the bright colors – too much pink and purple in my opinion – I would probably buy them if it weren’t for the figures. The LEGO Friends figures – other than their hair – are not compatible with normal minifigures.