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LEGO Board Games as filmed at the Toy Fair in 2013 by BSCkids. Games include Batman, LEGO Legends of Chima, The Lord of the Rings The Battle of Helm's Deep, Life of George, and City Alarm

Lego Heroica was a based subtheme released in June 2011. The first official subtheme of the LEGO Games series, it consists of five modules depicting one of five areas, Fortaan, Waldurk, Nathuz, Draida and Ilrion. All the sets except Ilrion were released in June 2011, Ilrion was released the following year. Each game can be played on its own, connected to other Heroica boards for expanded games, or even taken apart to create entirely different scenarios. Each player has a "Hero pack", which keeps track of the player's health, items, and enemies defeated. The types of items, weapons, and enemies in each board differ. Each board includes a boss enemy and a relic that gives the hero who takes it special powers. There are four areas on the map of Heroica that have not been released into Lego board games. These four areas have the names of Barresh, Seldaan, Drandora and Elsruck.

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My son received Creationary as a birthday present from his grandparents a few months ago. I had never seen anything like it and had no idea Lego was making board games! We’ve had a lot of fun with it the past few weeks and will be looking at some of the other lego board games for christmas presents this year.

by The Beast!(Boardgame Beast HQ) This is a great game for LEGO Space fans and, unlike most of the LEGO board games, feels challenging enough for older players, making it a good family board game choice.You have to launch the LEGO rocket by teaming up to get the required parts. You can enlist the help of other spacemen and robots to complete your mission. As usual, the LEGO die is present, but the luck element is less here than in other LEGO games. It’s both cool-looking and fun to play. Satisfying.Always be sure to — you’ll often save big money over the Amazon price.See more .If you’ve played the , please rate it by clicking on the Comments link below the eBay listings.