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I’m late on this, but it was my birthday! LEGO revealed this big winter village market at Brickfête in Toronto a few days ago. The LEGO Creator EXPERT 10235 Winter Village Market is the fifth set to be included in the winter village series of LEGO Creator. It contains 9 minifigures, 1,261 pieces and will cost you US$99.99 or UK£79.99 when it comes out later on in October. The set itself includes a few small models to add to your winter village as well as a spinning carousel as the centerpiece.

The LEGO Creator 10234 Sydney Opera House set contains a whopping 2,989 pieces, no minifigures and will cost you US$319.99 / UK£249.99 / CA$379.99 when it comes out in September 2013. You can read up on the official description of the set or watch the designer video below. Head over to for more close-up images of this near 3,000 piece set.

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  • Noah Ruediger says:

    With 2 brothers in my family we love lego!! I just had an awesome Lego party for my 6th Birthday last week – it was so much fun and my dad even hung up all our flying lego creations with fishing line from our ceiling!! From Noah

  • My Lego Style: LEGO Creator Construction Hauler 31005

    Despite the fact that there have been about a million (okay, two million) leaks of the upcoming LEGO 2015 sets and their images, there are still some surprises to be had! Such is the case this week, as several of the up-until-now unrevealed LEGO Creator sets made a grand debut, arriving at retail stores before images of the sets even had a chance to turn up online! First up, we’ll take a look at my favorite LEGO Creator 2015 set: LEGO Rainforest Animals 31031!

    Due to the fact that it’s a non-licensed theme that often doesn’t include minifigures, many of the LEGO Creator theme sets tend to be tragically underrated in LEGO fandom. was one of my favorite sets that I found before the holidays last fall, and I really wasn’t sure that LEGO was going to be able to top that adorable duo of the LEGO Monkey and Toucan.