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LEGO® RC Train Set #60052 "Cargo Train"


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A simple manual turntable for a Lego RC train layout. If you want to know any details of how it was done, just ask, but most of it is pretty simple stuff. The big yellow Cargo train is straight from set 7939, the other two are custom creations using Lego Power Functions train motors, IR receivers and battery packs.

My younger brother has a Lego City RC Train Set # 7897. I want to buy him the Lego 9v Train Set 10183 “Hobby Train” but he is still young so sticking with RC power is best. I wanted to know if he could just put the RC motor into the 9v Train and run it on his RC track? Thanks for your help!

This included a slight incline as well as a lot of new track

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    10506 Train Accessory Set is a Accessory set which consists of extra rails for existing DUPLO Trains to run on. It is not compatible with LEGO RC Trains Tracks. The set contains LEGO DUPLO points and a level crossing.

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