Cute Little Baby Boy Wallpapers

Little Me Baby-Boys Newborn Sailboats Footie and Hat, White Print, 3 Months


A brand new little baby boy, to fill our lives and hearts with joy.

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He is my little baby boy

A boy so loved and comforted in life, who thinks that one day this little boy might have a wife?

When he sleeps a calm peace sweeps him away, the sight of his sweet little face makes you want to proudly say

That's MY baby boy, and I love him SOO much

So smart for a boy of two, he knows what a cow looks like and can make noises like one too!

When he plays with his toys he makes the biggest smile, makes it double the worth to watch him all the while.

Sometimes he screams and it hurts so bad, but to hold him in my arms I suddenly don't feel so sad.

But it's always worth it to me, to know he will make happy and beautiful memories,

for me to look back at and see....... how happy this little boy made me!

Who knew one child could bring such love and joy to me?
When he gets older he will be the one to see, not only did he bring love, happiness, and laughter to me, he brought it to everyone he could possibly see!

Lovely Little Baby Boy HD Wallpaper | Cute Little Babies

Cute Little Baby Boy Wallpapers | HD Wallpapers

Sweet little baby boy
In his manger, dear
Got to see what he had to go through
For coming to this world and be

Sweet little baby boy
That's the Saviour born for
On a day that was so cold, oh
Yes, I wanna talk much more

Oh, but the world that would be happy and bright
As all things are on a Christmas night
Can't you see I'm lyin' there, no, on a cradle battered and torn
Yes, in that battered cradle, the Saviour was born

Sweet little baby boy, sweet little baby boy
To the world known is bad enough
But the love and loved His wishes
And to humanity there will be a son

Hopin', away one more time
That everything has fazed out on a Christmas night
Can't you see I'm lyin' there, no
On a cradle so battered and torn, yes, in that battered cradle
Saviour of the world was born

Sweet little baby boy
But the world You know is bad enough
But to love and be loved was his wishes
And to humanity there will be a son

Sweet little baby boy
Sweet little baby boy
Sweet little baby boy, no

Makes my heat bleed
Think about that sweet little baby boy

Do you know he taught us how to walk
Gave us strength, no, no, no so we could talk
Gave sight to blind, He gave sight to the blind
And He, and He restored my mind

Sweet little baby boy
Do you know the Man, I remember, I remember
My mother told me this story when I was a little boy
The greatest love story ever told

She said He, she said He saved, He saved, He saved somebody
And Lord, He blessed his soul
Sweet little baby boy, no
Sweet little baby boy

No, sweet little baby boy
Sweet little baby boy
Feel so, feel, so
Sweet little baby boy
Yeah, breathe now
Little baby boy

Sometimes, sometimes
Sometimes I wonder
Sometimes, sometimes
Sweet, sweet little baby boy

Little Baby Boy

Words and music Copyright (c) by Douglas Vos, December 2005

Little baby boy, born on Christmas morn.

A babbling babe - He did not speak;

and yet He is the Word.

Little baby boy, sleeping in the hay,

The Lord of Power - a helpless child?

What's God trying to say?

Little baby boy, Shepherds spread the word.

Messiahs come - the Lamb of God.

Tell all who have not heard.

Little baby boy, Mystery made clear,

What prophets told - our hands now hold.

The truth of God is here.

Little baby boy, Now He is my friend,

King David's son - the Holy One.

His Kingdom will not end.


I love you, I love you - Mary sang the lullaby

I love you, I love you - the Word echoed in reply

Words and music

Copyright (c) December 2005 by Douglas Vos

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