Gravity Falls: Northwest Mansion Mystery - Episode Analysis!

The Haunting of Bechdel Mansion: A Haunted House Mystery- Book 1

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Maryland Mansion Mystery: Family Missing as ..

"Northwest Mansion Mystery" also listed as "Northwest Mansion Noir," is the 10th episode of the of and the 30th episode overall. It premiered on February 16, 2015.

Each year’s Mansion Mysteries features a new play written specifically for the event. The play for 2016 is titled, “Finding Noah” and a brief introduction follows,

Mansion Mystery at the MIT Endicott House

Mansion Mystery Death: Rebecca Zahau's Family ..

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Back in the early 80's there were a lot of kid movies involving a haunted house. Mystery at Castle House and the Red Room Riddle both aired between 1982-1983 along with the Haunted Mansion Mystery. Christian Slater and Tristine Skyler are both brilliant. Unlike most kid actors today, they both show a quality performance that is hard to find today. Each brings a uniqueness to the story. Both appear to be "old souls" as much of the child like qualities vanish as we get deeper into the story-line. Although this is made for children, we start to pick up adult themes as the main characters start to mature. The movie is able to capture moments of the innocence of childhood but then enters some interesting moments. What started out as a mystery for kids becomes a lesson in friendship, greed and the struggle not to be in a hurry to grow up.