Vintage Mattel Original Midge Doll in Original Box!

Ski Fun Midge 1991 Mattel

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Mattel Midge Doll #860 - Blonde -Wears Tennis Anyone

Nobody ever wanted a Midge doll qua Midge doll. She was mealy-mouthed, awkward, clearly second string. Midge was only ever a helpmate to Barbie, a sort of flatter-chested, flatter-rumped accessory for whom you also had to purchase clothes (or else have Barbie’s wardrobe tailored to match Midge’s less bodacious figure).

This offering is for a vintage Mattel Midge doll, friend of Barbie. The doll is in un-played with condition with excellent face paint, flip curls in the original set and excellent finger and toe nail polish. Her eye paint is very nicely centered. Please note there is not a rub on her left eyebrow, it is just a reflection of light. There is a dot on her upper arm and several behind her left calf. These are are not showing up well in the photograph due to lighting. Her two piece swim suit is excellent. She comes with her original box, metal stand, white open toe heels and the two Barbie and Ken catalogs that were issued with the Midge doll. The box has some typical shelf wear.

Vintage 1964-1966 Mattel Brunette Midge Doll by DebscountryVintage

  • Mattel Midge Doll -#850 Blonde-All Original in Box: dc-midge: Removed

    Vintage Midge doll with Mattle Midge TM/Barbie body. Her foot is marked Japan. She is wearing a beautiful deep aqua blue and gold sheath dress and matching coat with white plush/felt "fur" trim at cuffs. The clothing appears to be factory and well made but it is not tagged and I was unable to find this set in any Barbie/Mattel books I have. The coat is lined in yellow. The white "fur" at the cuffs has flattened.

    Vintage Barbie blonde Swirl Ponytail with Mattel Midge Barbie body. The ponytail is still partially contained within the disintegrating rubber band as shown. She has pierced ears, no green and no earrings. No green in her hair either - that is bleed through from the background removal process. She is being sold nude with no clothes or shoes. She has very pale watermelon pink lip color and coral nail polish. The nail polish is nearly gone on the toes. She has suffered a bad bite wound to her left thumb as shown in the close-ups with shallow bite marks to the same hand and less so to the same wrist. There are rubs to the eye lid ridges and extra pin pricks at the left ear piercing. She has shallow scratches to the back of both calves and scuffs on the bottom heels.