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And on the USB end is a slot for a micro SD card. The Kana Micro MP3 Player doesn’t come with any memory at all. It uses micro SD cards and I’m sure everyone has many of those laying around from all their accumulated tech over the years. It accepts micro SDHC as well up to 32GB. This player supports the .mp3 and .wma format. It also has a 2 hour built-in battery that charges from the USB slot. And of course you can use this MP3 Player as an USB flash drive to store documents and files.

The Coby Micro MP3 Player features a unique design, and it looks like it doesn’t have any controls, so we are not sure exactly how you play your music on it.

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Micro SD MP3 Player

Complete MP3 player that plays MP3 audio files stored on microSD memory card. New audio DAC chip supports microSD cards up to 128GB (FAT32 format), and provides excellent sound quality and base.

     Single chip microSD MP3 Player
     Plays MP3 audio files stored on microSD memory card
     Button Functions: Play/Pause, Next / Skip 10 songs, Previous / Skip 10 songs, Volume Up and Volume Down
     Support for up to 128GB microSD memory cards in FAT32 format (not included)
     Onboard connectors: microSD slot, 3.5mm headphone connector and micro USB connector
     Support for USB 2.0 data transfer
     May be used as card reader
     Includes built-in LIPO battery (rechargeable through USB connection)
     Dimensions: 28mm x 40mm x 5mm

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Right now, these Kana Micro MP3 Players are available only in Japan for a low price of $16, and they come in a full palette of colors including white (clear), blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, and pink. I’m not certain if the Kana will ever market outside of Japan, but I think it is important to see that the Kana is the popular style of MP3 Player: Small and minimalist.

That’s right, these Kana Micro MP3 Players take up very little space. You could probably stack a few of these Kanas to create something equal in size of an ordinary MP3 Player. In fact, they are so small, you probably thought the photo to the left was of thumb drives, didn’t you?