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Official Subaru Gear Legacy Die Cast Toy Car 2015 2016

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Notice that the thread spool is the car's engine. Cut an end piece offof the jumbo craft stick that is long enough to extend from the bottom of thecar base to about 1/4" above the thread spool. Glue the jumbo craft stickcentered to the front of the miniature craft toy car base.

I show you how I make a miniature toy car of polymer clay, this is one of thouse big toy cars for smaller boys :-)
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Miniature Toy Car Collection, Hot Wheels, Match Box

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    Listing is for items pictured, Vintage 1986 - 1989 Galoob Micromachines Roadchamps Miniature Toy Cars. Comes with all the Micromachines you see pictured. Dates range from 1986 - 1989.
  • CAR FOR KID # TOY SYORY Car miniature toy car , for children