As for minifigs and minidolls, eh.



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I feel like if these were minigifures instead of minidolls, these sets would all be must buys.

As is, I still really like this set, and will look into ways of reappropriating those nifty haircuts into my old-fashioned LEGO men. I'm a Luddite, but the boat itself is really swell.

Wow, this set is pretty epic (no pun intended.) It just looks astounding from every direction except the back of the sail, the minidoll hair is one of the most gorgeous LEGO parts I've ever seen, and I laughed out loud at the cushions on the side of the boat. :P Too bad my birthday is so close to the street date they probably won't be shelved in my area by then...

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MS Paint Doll Tutorials - Ninique's Minidollz

At £24.99 or $29.99 I strongly recommend it. These are probably my least favourites of all the Elves minidolls I have, and there are one or two little things I think could be improved, but those minor complaints are no reason not to purchase this superb set.

I like this theme alot, despite not being part of the target audience. I wanted them bad enough to beg someone at Walmart to cut open a skid full. This boat does come off as the clear winner of the theme so far. But I won't deny these Elve minidolls really creep me out. The male figure from 41076 is the worst...he just keeps staring at me.