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Check out the most popular Wii U Games for 2013, there are now over 40 Wii U games available so make sure you check out the most popular Wii U games at

The Cemu Wii U Emulator version 1.5.2 now runs most popular Wii U games, from Super Smash Brothers all the way to The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD.

Most Popular Wii U Games for Kids

  • Anonymous

    Yes but Brawl couldn’t have sold any copies in 2006 since it wasn’t even made yet


    • butterbiscuitt

      Yes, but this is a list of the most popular Wii games from launch to present, not just in 2006.


      • team nintendo

        Yes, but the ( ) is the year released, brawl did not come out till 2008 (according to wikipedia). So you couldn’t have sold any between 2006-2008, and those copies were 2008-2011. That number seems low.


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