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These days, to keep competitive with phones and tablets, pretty much all MP3 players do more than simply play music. The , for example, builds the player into a pair of high-quality, gym-friendly earphones. The integrates the subscription-based Rhapsody music service. On the higher end, the iPod touch and aforementioned Android players from Samsung and Sony offer up access to hundred of thousands of third-party apps and games, so they're just like smartphones without pesky monthly contracts. Just keep in mind that more features tends to mean a higher price tag, which leads us to...

4 years after the first MP3 player was released Apple came along to steal the show with the release of their Apple iPod with bigger storage capabilities and longer battery life. The Apple iPod First Generation took the world by storm and with that, Apple opened the first digital music store iTunes where Artists could upload and sell their music to consumers across the world. These days’ iPods are so advanced you can watch movies on them, facetime friends and connect to all of your online networks whilst you listen to your favourite tunes. The release of the iPod brought an end to portable CD players and lowered the market value of MP3 players.

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The MP3 player is 15 years old. The first commercially released personal music player capable of handling MP3 files was the MPMan F10, manufactured by Korea’s Saehan Information Systems and launched in March 1998. The first MP3 player could only hold up to 32MB of storage which was enough for a handful of songs and in 1998 nobody knew just what an impact this digital device would have on the whole music industry. Previously, people had to purchase music from their local music store in CD or Tape form but with the launch of digital music storage on MP3 players it opened the world to a new way of sharing and purchasing music especially once the internet became more available in households across the world.

The first MP3 player was developed in the early 1990s by Frauenhofer, but this player was unsuccessful. In 1997 of Advanced Multimedia Products invented the AMP MP3 Playback Engine, which is recognized as the first successful MP3 Player.