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But Pierce often worked with Lady Deathstrike, Wolverine's former paramour who also became a murderous cyborg. She was one of the mutant hero's signature villains in the comic book storyline.

It's also great news for anybody grew up in the 1980s, because LEGO Dimensions Year 2 will feature levels and toys from the golden age of TV and film. There's the A-Team, Gremlins, Knight Rider, Goonies, Beetlejuice and E.T: The Extra-Terrestrial. All it needs is He-Man, Indiana Jones and Teenage Mutant Hero (or Ninja) Turtles, and it would be perfect.

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Logan’s official Instagram account — cutely named “wponx” — has been debuting some new stills from the upcoming sequel over the past few days, including one that appeared to be the result of an with Hugh Jackman’s titular mutant hero. The latest photo update is a little more substantial, revealing our first look at Boyd Holbrook’s character, Pierce:

provides even more details. According to their sources, the film is set in the year 2024. Mutant births have started to decline, for reasons that no one really understands. Meanwhile, our mutant heroes are in rough shape. Logan is sick and self-medicating with alcohol, and his powers are in decline to the point that sometimes he doesn’t heal at all. Professor X, who’ll be played by Patrick Stewart, has found his own powers growing more unstable. At times he struggles even to remember Logan, who is taking care of him.