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Takara Tomy MP23 Exhaust Masterpiece Transformers G1 New Instock


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See, to me, The Masterpiece line is, without a doubt the very best Transformers can be: absolutely perfect representations of characters in their iconic G1 look. Toys that I myself have been waiting, basically, about 30 years for. So you’ll have to forgive me if I’m never satisfied with the few new Masterpiece Transformers we get. Instead of three or so a year, I wish we could get ten. Well, that may be a stretch because these guys can get a bit pricey. But hey, perfection ain’t cheap, brother.

New Masterpiece Transformers, and especially the unique molds are a time for celebration! This year we’ve gotten a few great new MP figures including Star Saber, Bumblebee, and now Tracks. Tracks hit a little bit of a delay, being his original release date was supposed to be October, but it was only a month. Tracks’ remold, Road Rage, also got pushed back a month and should he arriving in December. Once 2016 starts, get ready for the Masterpiece line to kick into gear as we have a new release every month through April. And this is only what has been officially solicited … we haven’t even heard what the deal with MP Primal, Ramjet, or any of the other rumored figures like Hound or Galvatron.

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