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I think that these NEW SUPER MARIO titles are good…the games have the nostalgic feel but lack soul…it seems that the world designs are lacking a theme..or the flow of the levels is off….super mario world had good flow to the levels and worlds and each world had a theme..like the forest..coco island or the cave.

Mike S, you are a bitch and you get worse and worse everyday. Just do us all a favor and kill yourself.
Metroid Prime sucks my cock. It’s awful. Metroid Other M, on the other hand, is a masterpiece.
New Super Mario Bros. U will be awesome. So, shut up. Bitch.

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The entire World Map for New Super Mario Bros. U was revealed in a single image earlier today. The image shows of each section of the eight different worlds that connect in a seamless world map. New Super Mario Bros. U was released today in North America, and is set to hit store shelves and the eShop on November 30 in Europe and Australia, and December 8 in Japan.

Even if you haven't played a Mario game in years, you'll be able to pick up and enjoy New Super Mario Bros. 2 in no time. Get to know these basic moves, and you'll be a platforming pro.