Controller Official Nintendo Wii Remote + Nunchuk Bundle

Here you can see the curve of the nunchuk, and it's additional buttons.

Shuang Jie Kun (Nun-Chuks)

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The gold Nunchuk controller will set you back 900 coins.

Wii Nunchuk Controller

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Nun-Chuks: Repent or Else!


- The Nunchuk peak height was between 3 and 7 feet higher.

For the Wii U eShop debut of the original game, Nintendo is using the Pikmin: New Play Control version that it launched on the Wii in 2009. That update enabled gamers to control Olimar and the Pikmin using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers for a more precise play experience.

Nunchuk is stiffer in the two ends and softer in the middle. This is where the name Nunchuk comes from – a version of nunchaku, a traditional martial arts weapon with three sections.

In the English language, are often referred to as "nunchuks".

  • Nunchuk technical information (.pdf)
  • Using the Nunchuk to tear a Shield of an enemy in .

    Need an extra Wii Remote Plus? Don't want to be caught woefully lacking when friends show up to play ? Nintendo's online store has a new price on used but working Remote-and-Nunchuk combos that may interest you.

    The store has temporarily reduced the price on its refurbished combos from $30 to $20 for an unknown period of time. Available colours include the classic , sultry , and whimsical . The Nunchuk are said to match the colours of the Remotes, which is a nice touch.