“Don’t you agree – it’s time for Table Pads?”

Deluxe Heavy Duty Cushioned Table Pad Size: 52" W x 70" D, with Flannel Backing,


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Prevent table damage by using dining table pads. Brown table pads protect brown tables, while long pads safeguard large tables. Explore Montecristo table pads and others at Macy’s.

Superior Table Pads are made right here in Chicago at 3010 N Oakley, near Belmont and Western. We are in West Lakeview on Chicago’s north side, not far from Lane Tech High School. Some of you will remember the old Riverview amusement park nearby. See our map location

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** Price for table pads up to 120". Table pads must be paid in full at the time of sale.

Key Benefits:

  • Guarantee - Lifetime on materials and workmanship.

  • Protection - Direct sunlight can fade a table's finish over time. Everyday objects such as silverware, keys, etc. can scratch a table's finish. A table pad can guarantee your table will continue to look like the day you purchased it when used on a regular basis.

  • Thickness - Full 1/2" thick layered insulating felt. Provides sound absorption, to decrease noise when used during dinner parties.

  • Locking System - Magnapad (magnetic locking device)

  • Adhesives - High strength permanently flexible, water-based adhesives are used. They assure a resilient bond, thus eliminating potential warping problems and long term residual odor.

  • Bottom - Duravel (DV) is standard. A precision acrylic nylon flock laminated to a heavy cloth backing. This material was carefully selected for its durability, soft finish and high chemical stability.

  • Heat Resistance - 550 Degree Fahrenheit protection at the table surface against accidental heat sources. Though not a hot mat, a table pad can provide protection against heat sources.

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Many of our customers have childhood memories of doing homework on their mother’s Superior Table Pads. Now that the family table is in their own home, it’s finally time to replace the old pads which have given so many good years of service. Our quality never goes out of fashion. Now that you are all grownup, it’s time for your very own set! Table pads are still a great value, still custom made to fit your table perfectly, and now come in many new colors to match the table.

We were delighted to be introduced to this delicious soup, originally from the Andalusian region of Spain. Naturally, our hosts had Superior Table Pads under the cloth! Guests passed the soup tureen and water pitcher as well as beautiful dishes of garnishes. Everything could be easily set back down on the table without worrying about multiple trivets. This ease of serving made for a relaxed and enjoyable evening for guests and hosts alike.