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LEGO Bionicle ORIGINAL TOA Figure #8536 Kopaka White

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Lorne, my original Bionicle self-MOC)

The reboot officially launched in January 2015 to a positive response from toy critics and fans of the original Bionicle franchise who praised the playability of the new sets and the inspiration taken from the theme's original play sets. The Bionicle website also relaunched with new material detailing the rebooted story. However, despite Lego originally planning to release new sets through to at least 2017, they later announced that the relaunch would be discontinued after the release of the 2016 summer wave of sets.

Two scripts for the Bionicle movie were created, one by writer Alastair Swinnerton (also one of the original Bionicle creators) and one from the other, Henry Gilroy, to see who would write the better script. Due to time constraints, however, the Gilroy script was accepted with some of Alastair's ideas included. He reported that the creator Bob Thompson, who had reportedly had some of the characters in mind for years. "I really made it my duty to stick close by his vision, while bringing my ideas of comical character and big screen action, all the while staying true to the LEGO ideals of construction and community." The Lego Company insists they would "never compromise their values for the bottom line." The movie was also an occasion for the expansion of the Bionicle universe by the addition of the Rahkshi and its line of toys.

The Original Bionicle Commercial

  • This page on the BIONICLE website (click on "The Forge") claims that "masks of strength, of speed and a thousand other miraculous powers" have been forged in the City of the Mask Makers. The original BIONICLE line had a Mask of Strength and a Mask of Speed.
  • BIONICLE Movie "MYTHOS" the original bionicle story OP

    The story begins with Turaga Vakama retelling the original BIONICLE legend. The story then shifts to the fortress village of Ta-Koro, which is located in a lake of lava. A Ta-Matoran named Jaller is looking for his Kolhii (a lacrosse-like game) teammate, Takua. He soon finds him inspecting a warning totem next to a lava flow. Just before they leave, Takua picks up the totem, unwittingly setting off a booby trap. He drops the artifact into the lava, revealing a Kanohi mask that was embedded in the totem. At that moment, a wave of lava began to rush through the chamber at Takua. He throws the mask to Jaller and tries to use a lavaboard to cross the lava, but only got halfway. Just as he was about to be killed, he was saved by Tahu, the Toa of Fire. Takua and Jaller then rushed to the Kolhii field, and Jaller puts the mask in his pack. After the match had ended (Takua even tried using a new move he had practiced before the match, with no success), the mask Takua found falls out of Jaller's pack, shining a bright light on Jaller. The Turaga reveal that this is the Mask of Light which is to be worn by a legendary Seventh Toa that will defeat Teridax (Makuta). The Mask of Light will lead its herald to the Seventh Toa. But Takua, who was thought to be the Herald, was unwilling to admit it so Jaller was mistakenly believed to be so. Unfortunately for Takua, he still has to come along to chronicle Jaller’s quest. Pohatu, the Toa of Stone, left to spread word about the Seventh Toa, while Gali, the Toa of Water, had already departed. The two Matoran leave Ta-Koro the next day and followed the mask’s light to the jungle region of Le-Wahi.

    Lego shows more story ques they’ve taken from the original Bionicle! The website was updated today with a few more story details and these previews of the next few animations! (bottom picture is from MNOG)