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You may have noticed a recent trend , Facebook and called the "Charlie Charlie Challenge." It's this generation's Oujia board, combined with the Bloody Mary game, sort of.


Universal Pictures team up with Hasbro to bring the board game “Oujia” to cinematic life much like Battleship (2013) but with a far reduced budget and an equal reduction of imagination, passion and effort. The resulting film, Ouija, represents everything that is wrong with modern horror. It waters down the horror for its PG-13 rating and its teenage target audience which is far more intelligent than the script gives them credit. The film lazily weaves its tale of five high school class mates investigating the death of their close friend using the dead girl’s Ouija board in attempt to speak to her from beyond the grave. Every scare is telegraphed, every twist and turn predictable, every shock diluted. Olivia Cooke, who is impressive and emotional on Bates Motel, is wasted in the lead role of Laine Morris where her best efforts are lost within the nonsense, the bad dialog and the forced by-the-number genre beats. The film is not scary and, worse yet, it is boring, dreadfully, offensively boring.


  • Ouija, 2014

    When their friend Debbie suddenly dies after burning a Ouija board, her friends brilliantly decide to communicate with Debbie’s spirit with the same Ouija board. Idiots. Things unsurprisingly go downhill from there.

    Oujia: Origin of Evil — the second movie in the franchise and a prequel to the first — hits theaters October 21.

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