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Infants should never be put to sleep with stuffed animals, pacifiers with straps or toys attached, fluffy bumper pads, or even blankets. Yes, blankets can contribute to infant deaths. Children should never use a blanket or a pillow in bed until after age one. The reasons are the same, they can cause exhaled carbon monoxide to pool around babies face and reduce oxygen intake. Cribs should be clean and clear with nothing but a firm mattress and a tight fitting sheet. Pacifiers are fine as long as they don’t have anything attached to them.

When measuring, the strap is the distance between the bar on the clip and the pacifier's handle. You will have enough material for the closure of the Pacifier Strap without adding extra.

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Close the clasp for the Pacifier Strap by tying a tight Square Knot with cords 1 and 8, around the others.

The clasp will be turned over when it's secured around the handle. So the part face up is actually the back of the clasp.  Keep this in mind when you finish off the cords in the next step.

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I love to craft! Nothing I do is all that glamorous or difficult, but it is fun. Today I wanted to share with you all an item that is super easy to make. It is a pacifier strap. If you are a mom or a nana you know how important a pacifier strap can be!