soothie pacifier with stuffed animal

WubbaNub Brown Monkey Pacifier


The WubbaNub pacifier is often a babys very first ..

Look what we discovered! This unique and totally adorable pacifier and stuffed animal combo is the bee's knees. If you're like many moms, you know that pacifiers are loved and lost on a regular basis. They can be hard to find in the bottom of your diaper bag or behind your sofa. So how cool is a pacifier that is already attached to a sweet lovey?

Whenever my eldest son went to bed, he would take his pacifier and his friend, a stuffed animal, with him. It was only until his teeth moved forward in a way that a pacifier is affecting him negatively; I decided to quit the weaning age. They were inseparable, the animal and pacifier, and it was hard for him to say goodbye without tears. When the pacifier was out of the picture, the stuffed animal stayed. Losing a pacifier or stuffed animal, which your kid loves so much, can be a very sad occurrence, as I know from experience. Paci-Plushies offer a solution, cuddly toys, which can be attached to a pacifier. I spotted these on the ‘Nine Months Fair’ in The Netherlands and got one as a present for the editorial office. The toy can be attached to a pacifier using a tiny flexible ring and are produced in various funny and colorful animals. This means, no more searching for a lost pacifier or toy! If you desire to wash the stuffed animal or quit the weaning age just like I did, you can easily detach the pacifier and use them separately!

Thank You for making your Baby a Paci-Plushies® Baby

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