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I keep hoping year after year that Nintendo announces the true sequel to The Thousand-Year Door at E3. This game is one of the best JRPGs ever, not to mention the quality of the localization was golden. However, I've come to believe that Nintendo should make a Paper Luigi instead, and have the story be his adventure in TTYD. Going to the Waffle Kingdom and saving princess Éclair. How cool would that be? The guys at Intelligent Systems can totally pull it off. I don't think it would feel like a mediocre spin-off; it would be a true sequel. E3 is around the corner. With Galaxy 2 and Other M coming this summer, Nintendo needs to announce their next big game. What do you think? Paper Luigi: Adventures in Waffle Kingdom. It would be awesome.

Paper Luigi swung and swung at Fluff, the prince dodging quickly. He then went into Car form, and rammed Luigi into a wall. Thinking it was a normal enemy, he turned his back and- POW! Prince Fluff was sent flying after being hit by a hammer. Luigi through it at Prince Fluff, and then caught it when it fell down.

Paper Luigi is a game that is for the Wii in 2007, and the DS in 2008

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Paper Luigi: The Thousand-Year Compass is a game being worked on by It will follow Luigi's journey that coincided with Mario's hunt for the Crystal Stars. After Mario left home, Luigi finds a second letter in the mailbox; it is a plea for help on behalf of the ! They need his help in order to rescue from the evil .

I like it!! But I prefer your Paper Luigi box a looott more. I got some critiques :)


1) The logo is too colorful and rainbow-y! Its white edges don't really match the rest of the box either, with the thick black outlines and all. It looks out of place. If you could make a logo that looked more like the real Super Paper Mario logo, but really luigi-themed, that would be nice.

2) It bothers me that Luigi isn't really in the center, but kinda shifted to the left. He's also a bit high to be centered vertically.

3) The jumping lines under Luigi don't look tooo great. I don't like the idea of showing motion on the box. It would be better without that, because its obvious he's jumping anyway and it doesn't look very attractive.

4) Luigi has no shadow.

5) I wish everything matched the same artstyle, but its inconsistent. The hills, theater curtains, and logo have no thick black outlines while the castle and characters do.

Everything else on the front looks great. I hope you can fix these things. Now, moving on to the back.


1) See #1 on the critiques for the front.

2) I'm not a fan of how contrasted Luigi looks. For some reason, he seems better lit on the front (even if they are the same). His hair is just too black and his skin too white.

3) The description text is kinda hard to read, the way it blends in so much. I also think it would look better in some kinda box rather than on the grass like that.

4) See #5 on critiques for the front.

I in no way hate the box (I favorited it, didn't I?). These are just little things that if fixed, would make a huuge difference. :)