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The Personal Internet Address & Password Log Book


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My password journal inspires hours of creative writing, fun reflection and is the coolest, most private journal ever! paper notebook included. Colours and decorations may vary.

I would then either hole punch them, or place them in page protectors, and either place them in a thin password journal or binder or folder, or as part of your other contact information.

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    Password Journal is a stylish electronic journal that offers privacy and protection so kids can safely store their secret thoughts and belongings. Kids use their own voice to personalize the password, greeting, sign-off, and intruder alert. Saying their password, kids are able to open the journal to reveal a notebook, an invisible ink pen, a glow light to reveal the ink, and a small storage compartment. If anyone else tries to say the secret password, the intruder alert goes off. Kids can choose from three levels of security, depending on what secrets they have inside. The lowest level doesn't require any password, while the highest level requires perfect pronunciation of the password.

    Intruder alert girls, now you can keep all your thoughts and dreams private and secure, with Password Journals voice recognition, password protection, and intruder alert. Go ahead and write down your innermost thoughts, because the glow light and magic pen will reveal them only to you. The page will look blank to prying eyes. Also includes voice commands, a dual light switch, paper for journal entries, clips for personalization, and storage space. Your secrets will be super safe and super fun with Password Journal.