Disney Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Checkup Center

Disney Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Checkup Center


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Become Doc McStuffins as you play vet with this Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Check Up Center. Setting up is simple as all the parts are labelled and numbered and it requires no tools except for opening the battery door with a screwdriver. It has so many great features and is lots of fun for imaginative play, become a vet with this playset!

The Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Checkup Center – we have the original and when Lily saw the pictures that I took of the pet version, she proclaimed that she would be selling her current one to earn some money to buy the new version. LOL Slightly different than its non-pet predecessor, this Pet Vet Checkup Center has a pet bath, treat container (with plastic treat that really dispense), and lots of other bells and whistles. Look for this toy to hit store shelves in Fall 2015.

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Robert Wiegert, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and technical advisor for this product, says, “Many of the conditions that we see are correctable, often by dietary changes alone, if they are detected early enough. The problem is that by the time we see the animal, the condition is often advanced and more difficult to treat.”

If a test result does indicate an abnormality, you will be able to get veterinary care before the problem becomes serious and more difficult to treat.

Early detection means:
• Prevention of more serious illness
• Simpler, more effective treatments
• Less pain and discomfort for your pet
• Less expensive treatments for you
• Peace of mind

Give your animal friend and your veterinarian the advantage of early detection

Four easy steps are all it takes

1Getting ready LEARN MORE
2Collecting a urine sample LEARN MORE
3Running the test LEARN MORE
4Reading the test results LEARN MORE

Reading the results is easy,
just compare the test strip with the color bars
shown on the color chart to evaluate the results.

The test materials included in
ThePetCheckup are specially pack-
aged for you to use on your
dogs and cats at home.
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Note: ThePetCheckup has helped many canines and felines, but it is not designed to diagnose or to replace regular veterinary exams. Only a veterinarian can make a medically accurate diagnosis of your animal’s condition.

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Pet parents and vets are partners, advocates for their voiceless family members. We know our pets; they know what to look for. That combination is the best chance for our animals to live healthy, happy lives. Annual pet checkups are as essential as food and love.

As pet parents, we want our pets to live the longest, happiest and healthiest lives possible with us. Regular checkups are an essential part of keeping any pet healthy. In fact, the say that dogs and cats should visit the veterinarian at least annually; in many cases, more frequent healthy-pet checkups are necessary. Below, learn more about the importance of bringing your pet to the veterinarian for checkups, as well as some surprising things that may prompt a visit to the veterinarian.