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Plan Toys Baby walker is a traditional walker that is much safer and a more natural alternative to those plasticized baby walkers that can cause great harm. “Nearly half of the children who use the walkers get injured.” said Dr. Joan Shook, chief of the Emergency Medicine Service at Texas. Despite continued warnings from physicians and safety advocates about the dangers of baby walkers, 90 percent of children under age two are still put in them. As a result, nearly 20,000 children are treated in emergency rooms each year for baby walker-related injuries

Layla loves playing with the Plan Toys Baby walker. Initially, she used it to clutch onto when she was learning how to walk. With a pressure knobs on the wheels; parents can set how fast the wheels can turn {a great feature and safety measure}. Now that she’s a confident toddler {and a sprinter}; she uses it to roll her toys around or even herself around. She also does use it to climb onto things, but we are heavily discouraging that.

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    I always intended to get Layla the Haba Baby Walker Wagon, but starting at $150; it was an expensive purchase that I hesitated over. I am so happy I hesitated, because I came across baby walker that we totally love {great sustainable and safe toy company}. The Plan Toys baby walker is sustainable, because its material is composed of all natural Organic recycled Rubber Wood. The traditional walker is sturdy, comes in natural and primary colors to encourage visual play, and best of all; it also comes with a set of 24 very substantial and colorful blocks. This is the PERFECT toy for budding walkers, but can also be great for toddlers too.

    We have the Plan Toys wooden baby walker, which is filled with blocks… my almost 10-month old LOVES it. He pushes the walker around everywhere, and is ALWAYS playing with the blocks. He’ll be getting more Plan Toys for Christmas