Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree

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Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree is Sicily, Italy

I am fascinated by recycled crafts, especially crafts made with recycled plastic bottles. Artist and teacher Dale Wayne is the queen of recycled crafts, and frequently creates amazing art with recycled plastic bottles. This wreath is made with painted plastic water bottles and glitter -- isn't it amazing? Wayne also creates an annual recycled plastic bottle Christmas Tree with her school students, as well as many other piece of art featuring plastic bottles as a main ingredient. []

Check out this gorgeous recycled plastic bottle tree from the Festival of Trees at the Orlando Museum of Art. Dale gets her art students (from kindergarten to twelfth grade) involved in creating these gorgeous trees. Check out Dale's blog for a lot more info on creating .

plastic bottle christmas tree,all done with plastic bottles

  • Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree: Celebrating Green Christmas
  • DIY Plastic Bottle Christmas Trees

    Plastic bottle Christmas trees are fun and you can use them as ornaments as well. You can even make them different colors. Take about 25 minutes and you will be able to have a successful tree.

    Celebrating Christmas with care to the environment is a great practice to start today. I am sure enough that it is not only in my place eco-friendly Christmas trees are erected. It is now a lovely practice around the globe and the Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree in Paris is just another addition to the lovely earth-friendly Christmas trees all around the globe. Design Pack Gallery launched the eco-Christmas tree and at the same time informing the people on how the recycling process is done and some more information about recycling. The tree looks so lovely especially when the 3 546w light are turned on.