Here is this wooden playhouse with a slide, two swings and sandpit.

Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse


Hobbit Hole Playhouse with a slide on top!

It looks fairly easy to put together. And your chilren look like they are enjoying the 2-story playhouse with slide. My grandkids are looking at the pictures with me. They are hounding me to get it. I know they would enjoy it! But the only chance I have of getting one is thur this sweepstake. It would be a huge blessing to have. I have many of my grandchildren living with me. So I am going to put my name on the list. Good luck to everyone! Merry Christmas!

This is also the largest and also the tallest playhouse with slide to feature in our list, and this means that your children will enjoy the slide even more as it will take them longer to reach the bottom. It also means that it will take them longer to climb back up again, which is great for burning off some of that excess energy. We were very impressed by the quality of the timbers used, and especially by the fact that they have been pressure treated to give a long lasting protection against rot. This not only means that it comes with a long 10 year warranty, it also means that the owner won’t have to spend time and money adding their own wood preserver coatings.

Adorable Kid's Playhouse with Slide!!

  • Cleveland Posey Tower Playhouse with Slid
  • DIY project: wood playhouse with slide (pinned for DIY slide)

    This is by far the most expensive playhouse with slide in our league table, with a price tag of approximately fifteen hundred pounds. This accounts for its position in the tenth and final place, but for those with a budget to encompass it this really is a superb playhouse that children will surely love. In effect it’s two playhouses in one, as there are two towers with an apex roof covered platform to act as a playhouse. Between them runs a fun, and yet safe, bridge, with ropes at the side, and leading down from one is a long magenta coloured wavy slide.

    The base area upon which this playhouse with slide stands is 1.15 x 0.90, but there’s still enough room inside to hold a good number of board games and toys, or even to play host to a doll’s tea party. We were very impressed with the quality of timber used, as it’s both smooth planed and has rounded edges. This also makes it strong and weather resistant, as there is no space for rainwater to seep through, and we were pleased to find this confirmed by way of a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee against rot. This occupies the penultimate spot purely because of its compact size and simple design, although of course these can also be benefits if you have a younger child or small garden.