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In the form of a hollow figurine that doubles up as a finger puppet, this 'chibi' version of Mega Lucario is a great collectible piece! The fur details and complicated details of Mega Lucario is replicated intricately, right down to the cold stare of this Fight type Pokémon! Collect with all other Pokemon Kids figurines for a full set. Gotta catch 'em all!

Ms Phyilly Wong, 50, made a metre-long abacus with 20 rows of Pokemon figurines two weeks ago. She bought the 100 plastic Pokemon figurines online for S$20.

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Ms Wong also teaches children abacus. To cater to their interest, she also made two shorter abacuses with Pikachus and Pokeballs figurines, which she will be using to teach her class of five- to six-year-olds how to count to 10,000.