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I couldn’t leave out the most popular of pop up toys around. The infamous Jack in the box pop up toy. Watch your child’s eyes light up as he gets surprised by the Jack popping out of the box when you turn the handle and the song pop goes the weasel plays. Suddenly out pops the jester Jack and baby will squeal in delight for sure. This toy comes in a brightly colored tin box with the jester made of soft material. The only issue with this toy is that it does take a bit of time before learning how to get Jack back into the box! The trick is to wait for the full song to play and listen out for the click sound that’s when you place the Jack back into the box. Teach your child to listen for that click and you will gain the added benefit of teaching your baby patience and listening skills. This pop up toy is suitable for babies of 18 months or more, although it really can be used sooner.

The pop up toys helps to develop hand eye coordination simultaneously teaching baby about cause and effect. Quickly baby will learn that in order for a certain reaction an action needs to occur; pull the toy, turn the knob. This is a great development toy to help with problem solving skills.

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Sitting Clown
5 x 5 x 10.5 cm, 60 gms. CE 3+
Czech Republic Push Up toys are the originals. Handmade with environmentally safe local maple, hornbeam and alder wood for over 50 years.
All our toys are made in Czech, Europe.
The original and the best. Pop Up toys are great fun, educational and quality gifts for any age.
Price (each): £ 2.49 (GBP)
$ 3.91 (USD)
€ 3.19 (EUR)

Babies’ & Toddlers’ Pop Up Toys for 2013

With the upcoming Christmas season around the corner pop up toys for babies is a great gift. They aren’t too expensive and provide for lots of entertainment, stimulation and coordination.

Pop up toys for babies are great. They stimulate baby with lots of fun too. Baby needs to push, turn or even swivel to get the toy to pop up. It can be quite a challenge, but once baby succeeds that squeal of joy will make your heart soar.