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First Island I tried and introduces me to poptropica

Hello my fellow Poptropicans! With 2014 coming to an end tomorrow, I decided to do a review of Poptropica over the past year! Let’s get on with the post! Islands Overview In 2014, 5 islands were released. This year, Poptropica also featured the rise of the new episodic islands (islands were divided into parts called episodes). If you count all the episodes as islands we would have 12 islands (Monster Carnival, Survival 5/5, Mission Atlantis 3/3, PoptropiCon 2/3, Arabian Nights 2/3). There was also a couple of classic […]

Hey everyone! I first want to tell everyone here, Merry Christmas from the authors & owner of Poptropica World! The support you give us is mind-blowing, we couldn’t do this blog without you viewers. You all are like presents to us, you all are special too us and we won’t forget all that you have done for us! I hope you have got what you want for Christmas! In the pic above, the Creators mixed Poptropica Comic […]

There’s a new quest for our younger Poptropicans on Main Street!

10 reasons why you should love Poptropica!:

Hey everyone! Remember a few posts ago where I showed a sneak peek of an unknown island, I was debating it was for an upcoming (but not officially announced yet) Poptropica Comic Island? Well, they posted another sneak peek on twitter & it looks like the other sneak peek’s bg! The sneak peeks they are showing makes it really look like there is going to be an island for Poptropica Comics, but the creators said it’s either […]

You will be awarded the Reality TV Island Medallion and credits to spend at the Poptropica Store. (Tip: If you ever want to restart the show and play the challenges again, all you need to do is take a ride on the helicopter!