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The sleek design and great sound from the Electrohome portable karaoke system is top of the line. This is perfect for anyone wanting to take the party on the go. It has a cool feature where it will match the pitch of your voice to the music being played. The excellent mic quality along with the pitch feature make sure that anyone sounds their best! You can connect your phone, mp3 player anywhere you wish and make any party a hit. This is one of the most portable karaoke machine on the market, and the price can’t be beat!

has been increasingly popular year after year. Today we are running down the top potable karaoke machines for parties, events, home, TV and more. We chose the following portable karaoke machines for overall sound quality, price, user ratings and performance. Make sure to check all of these great karaoke machines out and drop us any comments or questions below!

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You are not going to believe this, but this portable karaoke machine for home comes with almost 5,000 songs!
How awesome is that?
Very easy to start enjoying too, just plug on your TV and start singing!

Most portable karaoke machines are ready to plug and play, which is a nice feature if you will be traveling with your machine frequently. A simple set up makes for a more portable machine. These types of karaoke players are typically the smallest, as well as the most practical, financially speaking. The more expensive the machine, the more components that will potentially be included, ranging from cords and batteries to microphone stands. Additionally, some of the more expensive models are only a speaker/PA system, which will require you to supply your own monitor for lyrics; however, the upside to these units is that they have a more extensive variety of options, such as a higher wattage, a modulator, comprehensive audio adjustment controls and instrument inputs so you can play along with a guitar or keyboard.