Power Functions Servo Motor (88004)

New Lego Power Functions Servo Motor (88004)

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NEW LEGO TECHNIC Power Functions SERVO MOTOR - Part No: 88004 | eBay

My first challenge was that I didn’t have any of the steering parts used in the original racer! Time for some thinking…if I was going to change how the steering worked I may as well upgrade the steering to use the new power functions servo motor.

Make a conversion cable for LEGO Mindstorms EV3 to control Power Functions 88004 Servo Motor (6000566) 15 Positions using Unregulated Motor Block on EV3 software. Port View Auto-ID function detect the conversion cable as EV3 L-Motor.
Power Functions Servo Motor turn through the 15 positions corresponding to the power levels of Unregulated Motor Block:
Position -7 Power: -100 (90 degrees counter-clockwise)
Position -6 Power: -88
Position -5 Power: -73
Position -4 Power: -62
Position -3 Power: -46
Position -2 Power: -34
Position -1 Power: -18
Position 0 Power: 0 (center)
Position 1 Power: 18
Position 2 Power: 34
Position 3 Power: 46
Position 4 Power: 62
Position 5 Power: 73
Position 6 Power: 88
Position 7 Power: 100 (90 degrees clockwise)

WARNING: Do not try to make this conversion cable unless you know exactly what you're doing! I will not be held responsible for any damages of your EV3 Intelligent Brick or any other parts!

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This is the LEGO Power Functions Servo Motor (88004). With this Servo Motor you are able to build models such as vehicles with a true steering of the wheels. Just like the steering of a real car.