Princess Ivy is a character from the

Sofia The First: The Curse Of Princess Ivy


Cody Fairbrother: What's Prince Ivy?

Great BritianPrincess Ivy is the glamour girl. She has a magical way with makeup that always makes her the most beautiful princess at the castle.

Our Princess Ivy was born in 1964 and is indeed a collector's dream. She has interesting history, and is a terrific looker! Only 1500 were ever built. Each one took about four months to hand-build by a small team dedicated to that one car.

Princess Ivy: A name for your brother, Cody.

  • Anna Camp as Princess Ivy
  • Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy

    Princess Ivy is the main antagonist of the special . She is an evil princess from a far away black-and-white kingdom whose main desire is to have a kingdom of her very own.

    Ivy has her own black and white magic to create black and white butterflies that, upon touching something, drain all its colors, leaving it black, white and gray. However, her main weapon is her ability to create dragonflies. These bugs can take away memories by circling its victim. The sting, though not painful, is strong and victims will fall to the ground in a daze. They will not remember anything since they woke up. However, more stings can take away more memories. Ivy implies that enough stings can make a person forget their own name. This power makes Princess Ivy much more dangerous than she appears as the memories her insects take are gone forever. Even after she was defeated and her bugs vanquished, Sofia's family had no recollection of the wicked princess. If Ivy had gone through with her promise to take away all of Sofia's or Amber's memories, they would have remained oblivious to their real identities till their dying days.