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The projector is best used when the screen is approximately 6 to 12 feet (about 2 to 4 meters) from the projector. There are overheads that can increase the distance between projector and screen, but these are usually custom built and the cost is greatly increased. The biggest difference that can be seen between projectors is the type of optics used.

Connecting a Mac computer to an overhead projector can be a little trickier. You will need a special adapter to connect to a projector using the supplied video cable. This is called a DVI-VGA adapter, and is available both from Apple and other electronics vendors. Plug the adapter to the DVI port on your Mac laptop, and then plug the cable into the projector and the adapter. Turn on the projector, then press and hold the "F7" key on your Mac.

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In need of a projector and projector screen for your next event? Great for a slide show, monogram, or video for your guests. Comes with setup, tear down, and all necessary cabling for video and sound. Can be combined with any DJ package (Wedding DJ Package, Party DJ Package, Corporate DJ Package, etc).

Because brightness is a key element for 3D viewing, I’d probably pick the Epson overall, but again, we’re not talking great color. Rarely in 3D – these projectors and others – have I seen, for example, a really believable blue sky. At this point I’m still treating 3D as a great thing to watch, but not judging the color accuracy critically, as in “I can live with it” That is much as we can live with brightest modes in 2D, when needed.