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All of these headsets for PS3 mix the best of technology and looks meaning that gamers are spoilt for choice in finding a headset that meets all of their audio and gaming needs. Using the above PS3 headsets or gaming headset in general will give you the advantages and benefits you need to have the best gaming experience possible.

Now that we’ve talked about benefits, advantages, and why you should buy a PS3 headset, how about we present you with some options? So buying a gaming headset should not be a stress on your wallet. Nobody says you have to spend a paycheck on new headsets for gaming. That’s why I’ve provided a list of PS3 headsets that range from affordable to moderately expensive.


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    1. Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22
    2. Turtle Beach PX 51
    3. Turtle Beach Ear Force XP SEVEN
    4. Astro A40
    5. Plantronics RIG

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    The Pulse is the official PS3 wireless headset. Gaming headsets have the benefit of allowing you to hear much more detail than you would normally be able to hear with low quality TV speakers. The built in mic allows you to clearly and effectively communicate with allies to form strategic plans and carry on casual talk. Additionally, you can play games or watch movies without disturbing others around you. This piece of equipment is considered one of the best ps3 headsets for gaming and watching movies. This gaming headset includes various features: