going to the library with huge pumped balls and weights

Water Balloon Pumping Station with 500 Water Balloons and Water Pump for Kids (Blue Color)


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Why we love them: Again, balloon pumps can be found very inexpensively. The balloons can be re-used many times and almost always guarantee a reaction from children. Have your child try pumping the balloon with you and then watch it together as it flies and spins unpredictably through the air.

Now this next commentary is going to be a tough one, cause T, I love ya... andI know what a great job you do with your pumps... but I have to say, I amusing my new pump from Balloon Masters the very most. It is an absolutelywonderful design and terrific pump!! (and I am NOT getting paid to tell youall this either) You can pick up the Balloon Masters pump with just one handand carry it with you anywhere... no more strap to hold it together. It isalso extremely light weight and yet I have found it to be one tough pump!! Itblows up a 260 with just one pump... The handle design is great... I havefound it wonderful to hang my stickers from to give out to each child thatgets a balloon, as well as a little bag that I keep my extra little toys thatI buy from T Meyers.. (which, btw, I highly recommend. T has greatalternatives for our little ones too young for a balloon.) This pump from TheBalloon Masters Really is GREAT. I use it for more venues (from birthdays torestaurant work to trade shows) than any of my other pumps put together. Ihighly recommend checking it out. It is also one of the most reasonablypriced of balloon pumps on the market that I am aware of.

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  • One other thing about the battery pumps. They slow down as the battery runs down. In blowing up 4 to 9 hundred 260's for a workshop, the Pump O was more work but faster than the battery pumps in balloons per hour. For $ per balloon, the PumpO is your best deal.
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    I just had a very long day of ballooning last week. My Balloon Buoy, on one charge, went through 3 gross of balloons before I changed batteries. This is not a normal thing, but I thought those keeping tabs on how much use you can get out of a charge would be interested. I think the key is thatI wasn't just pumping out balloons. I played around with folks as they came up. There was never a line. It was just steady work entertaining. So, the battery kept getting a rest and could keep going longer.