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The downside to relying on motor power as opposed to collective pitch control is the response time. The time lag between your throttle stick movement and the change in rotor speed means that maintaining a constant height is at best very tricky, and this is where fixed pitch helicopters let themselves down somewhat. But having said that, they have sold in their thousands and do make an excellent introduction to radio control helicopter flying for those who want more than a coaxial helicopter.

Fixed pitch electric rc helicopters are in every sense true radio control model helicopters other than they lack collective pitch control to the main rotors.
It's this collective pitch that controls altitude on a real helicopter, by changing the pitch angle of the main blades, but FP helis rely on changes in rotor speed (i.e. main motor speed) to control altitude. Faster turning rotors generate more lift, and vice versa, so motor power is used to make an FP helicopter climb or descend.

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Regardless of the type of chopper you choose, the great thing is that electric rc helicopters are now available to the masses and at very affordable prices. And the range is such that there's a helicopter to suit just about every budget, preference and flying need.
The traditional horror stories of how expensive and difficult radio control helicopters are to fly are no longer strictly true. This is excellent news for the hobby, an improvement long overdue!

No matter who the RC vehicle is for, it can be easy to find and purchase one of the best-selling models through eBay. This marketplace offers such a large selection that virtually any products from the biggest manufacturers can be found in just a few clicks. When searching for a radio controlled helicopter, it is good to have so much variety. This means that you will always find an item that is perfect for you and your needs.