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Raggedy Andy, her brother, was born in 1920. Ann and Andy have been featured in numerous books. comics, cartoons, movies and even a musical. Raggedy Ann was especially popular during the depression and World War II because she reminded people of times gone by.302 - Classic Toys - 365 - Toys & Creative Play, ages 3-5 - Toys & Creative Play367 - Toys & Games, ages 6-8 - Toys & Games694

I’ve recently come into possession of a 1918 Raggedy Ann Stories, a 1920 Raggedy Andy Stories which I understand are in Public Domain. My question relates to the 1924 edition of RA and RA and the Camel with the Wrinkled Knees. I cannot find any information that this one is in public domain or not. I had rubber stamps made out of a picture out of the Raggedy Andy Stories book and am refurbishing pictures out of all 3 of the books to use on greeting cards and such. Any info you have about the Camel with Wrinkled Knees 1924 edition and copyright info will be appreciated. I have noticed that on all the pictures from that one, Johnny Gruelle has his copyright info on each one, so maybe it is not in Public Domain as yet.

Enjoy a blast from the past dressed in this Raggedy Andy Costume!

Why we love this doll: Safe for: Ages 18 months and older
Our most popular gender reveal pairings: Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy
Classic Raggedy Andy is almost a foot tall!
Based on the Raggedy Ann and Andy books by Johnny Gruelle
Perfect for people who don't know what to give Everybody loves Raggedy Andy dolls
Surface Washable
Officially licensed reproduction

Raggedy Andy Adult Plus Size Costume Deluxe

The first commercial Raggedy Ann doll was designed in 1915 by Gruelle, and a few years later he produced Raggedy Andy. The two cloth rag dolls became a gigantic success and throughout the years were manufactured by various companies and makers. They are presently made by Applause and are available in toy stores and doll shows.

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