Reading comprehension with cubes.

Learning Resources Reading Comprehension Cubes


Learning Resources® Reading Comprehension Cubes | Staples®

The cubes can be used in small groups or pairs and are suitable for learners aged 6 to 12 years. Use the Reading Comprehension Cubes before, during and after reading to deepen understanding. Simply toss the dice and try answering the question.

This week we have been reading
This book is a funny bedtime story, with a few twists and an unexpected ending. I thought it would be ideal to use with our new Reading Comprehension Cubes to see how much Mr Z had understood from the story and what ideas he had about it.

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Learning to Read - Reading Comprehension Cubes

Use these Reading Comprehension Cubes at home or at school to reinforce the story the children have just read. These cubes are a great resource to make sure children have listened and understood the story. It also gets them thinking more critically about what they have just read.
The 6 soft foam cubes measure 4cm across. They are durable, nontoxic and easy to clean. The Reading Comprehension cubes are also nice and quiet to roll and play with, meaning they can be used in the classroom without any disruption or noise.

We were sent a pack of 6 reading comprehension cubes from Learning Resources. These work like dice. You roll and see what question you have landed on, then use that question to help you think a bit more about the story.