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7.5 Gauge Rideable Trains-SOLD- All track and rolling stock

What would you like in a house? A roof. Central air is nice. Some insulation probably. Maybe a fireplace if you like that. A yard for the kids with a white picket fence for your dreams. What about a freaking rideable scale train that goes completely around the entire property? Yeah, you know you want that. You want it bad.

After the first few days full of snow, ice, and our cursing, at least we were awarded with rideable trails and sunny weather. With conditions still demanding and tiring, today, for the first time, we felt like travelling on our bikes, rather than beside it. The breathtaking countryside and the reindeer, snow owls and lemmings we spot every now and then, make us forget the endeavour of the first days for a few moments.

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7.5 Gauge Rideable Trains-SOLD- All track and rolling stock

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Players poking around in 's game files have noticed an entertaining detail: the rideable train in Fallout 3's third add-on Broken Steel is actually a hat worn by a fast-running NPC.

This is available(who else?). It's the 1:8 scale rideable train of your dreams. Could you imagine waking up Christmas morning to see one of these in your backyard? I would shit my pajamas AND the ones my mom makes me put on after.