NECA Robocop 3 Action Figure Robocop with Jetpack

NECA Robocop - 7" Ultra Delux Figure with Jetpack and Assault Cannon


neca RoboCop With Jetpack and Assault Cannon Action Figure - Free U.S

This Robocop jetpack, AC Batman, Portal, Booker and Rambo is my most anticipated figure and must have this year. Pota figures is just too boring. And yeah some of ghose Aliens are cool too. The Predator figures pass. The last great predator you made is the armored lost pred.

NECA - Robocop: Deluve Robocop with Jetpack
Oh man, this is another figure I've been waiting a looooong time for, and NECA has nailed it! is not only pretty bad, it's also the one I've seen the most thanks to '90s HBO, and that was right in the midst of my Jetpack obsession, so it's been a favorite design for a while. In fact, I got the model kit from the movie just because there were no good Robocop toys back then and it was the ONLY way to get the jetpack. NECA has really done a great job on the sculpt of the Jetpack - I always imagined it'd require a retooled torso and glue but this sucker is fully removable and fits on very snugly (it is a bit tough to pop on due to the figure's head) and in extra trademark NECA coolness, the underside has a bunch of sculpted and painted wires. My only really complaint with it is that the 'arms' are cast in pretty soft plastic and just connect to the jetpack with a ball-in-socket joint so they feel like they'll rip apart every time I try to move them. In addition to the jetpack, Robocop comes with a big, giant gun I barely recall from the film (and whose two poseable kickstands seems like they're going to break off at any minute) and the totally ridiculous (fun) "assualt cannon" arm from the film. I'm really pleased they've done that cannon though it feels like it desperately needs some muzzle flash or fire effects that could be plugged in. But, overall, I have to say my favorite thing is the paint on Robocop himself - it recreates the film's look PERFECTLY, giving him a metallic blue sheen with a sense of iridescent purple. Silver will always be Robocop's true color but I'll be damned if this doesn't look really cool. There is a very good chance I'll end up getting a second one of these! (Oh, and for what it's worth he comes with the super frustrating spring-loaded thigh gun holster)

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