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Fitted with a safety dome which make it ideal as a rock polisher for kids. This children's rock tumbler includes a craft starter set with jewellery settings for rings, keyrings and ear rings as well as a spare drive belt. Strong Glue is required, but not supplied. This glue is for sticking the rocks to your jewellery, and the kind of glue recommended (in fact the only one which really works) is not able to be supplied in a toy.

Best Rock Polishers for Kids - Rock polishers are great educational toys for children. They can learn a lot in the process if parents or teachers explain geology and go over different information about rocks and minerals. Toystores tend to sell rock polishers. Although they may not be the top quality, they will get the job done. The problem with rock polishers for kids is that often the power of the rotor is very week. Also if it breaks, you usually just need to throw it away. You can't easily find replacement parts which is the case with regular rock polishers. The type of rock polisher typically sold for kids has a rotating tumbler. This means that the rocks fall over themselves. You can . There are some very fun shaped rock polishers including ones shaped like a little spaceship or gun. For example, the Elenco Electronics Elenco Electronics Discovery Planet Rock Tumbler for $35. Some reviewers mention that the Elenco Planet Rock Tumbler breaks easily. If you buy this rock polisher for kids, just keep in mind it is not designed for heavy usage. There is also the Discovery Exclusive Gyrotek Rock Polisher for $30. Again, keep in mind that the rock polishing will take a long time with these toys. You may want to just get a standard rock polisher and supervise while your children use it. Rock polishing equipment you may want to consider is the Elenco Electronics Discovery Planet Rock Tumbler Refill Kit for $18. This refill kit includes rocks as well as components for making jewelry out of your gems.

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