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Rocket car kits can be modified by school teams to run faster. This is a great opportunity to get students excited about science, work as a team and get hands on experience of programming and aerodynamics in one of the most fun ways possible.

Fuel the Rocket Car Experiment Kit with baking soda and vinegar, insert the fueling module, and your land speed challenger will be ready to roar off. You'll see chemistry and physics in a new light after a day racing the Scientific Explorer Rocket Car. Our baking soda and vinegar fuel starts a powerful chemical reaction that will propel the Rocket Car over 200 feet. You can experiment with the proportions of baking soda and vinegar to create your own secret rocket fuel mixture.

Hobbymasters - 4M Rocket Race Car Kit

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    A great science project and an ideal kit for science fair too; learn about Newtons Laws of Motion while building this racecar from a plastic bottle you supply. Also learn all about water and air pressure; and just how strong these forces can be! Brand: 4M Name: Rocket Race Car Kit Dimensions: 4 inches high x 8.5 inches wide x 11 inches long Model: TS3785 Includes: 2 Axle Supports 4 Rivets 2 Axles 4 Wheels 2 Fastening Straps Plastic Ring Bung Needle Valve Screw Cap Bolts and Nuts Bicycle Pump and small cross head Screwdriver needed but not included.

    Create five additional cars for the rocket car launcher kit (sold separately Order Code A64RQ). The cars (manufactures code SEP 251) are made from a wheeled base and air rocket. The rocket part of the car is created by a using a rolled paper tube capped at one end. Customise your car to create the best model this kit comes with a corriflute base, four wheels, axel rods and a nose cone for each car as well as a rolling mandrel to create the tube. Suitable for ages 11 and over with adult supervision.