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Barbie I Can Be Rock Star Doll Mattel From the Manufacturer

In 2011, a new Barbie I Can Be A Rockstar doll was released. The doll included unlockable online content and a microphone and mic stand. This hip Barbie carried a pink guitar with a Barbie silhouette.

Similarities to Jem, other than colorful rockstar dolls, were that the Barbie and the Rockers dolls had an edition of the leadsinger with star earrings, there was a male doll with combable hair, the group had one black and one asian member, the dolls came with a cassette with songs, and there was a Stage playset and a car. While the Jem dolls had more realistic and more bendable bodies, Barbie and the Rockers had their "Real Dancing Action" edition of dolls. Both of the cartoons had music videos that were blended with the action. The cartoon included some similar storylines as in the Jem cartoon, like time traveling and a fifties theme.

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