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"I do remember that tarantula on my face," Stern told ET earlier this month. "I'm like, 'Is there like a rubber tarantula?' They said, 'We do have this rubber one, but it just kind of sits there.'"

The versatile design of the Hares Ear Rubber Legs Tarantula is a fly that will get the attention of big fish. Whether you fish it as a dry, nymph or streamer it will trigger aggressive strikes. Fish can't resist the profile, natural colors and the movement of the rubber legs. Fly fishers in all parts of the fly fishing world have success with this this productive pattern.

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    Skirts Unlimited Flatline Rubber Tarantula Series 10pk
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    FLATLINE RUBBER TARANTULA SERIES These tabs are made from 100% natural rubber. The strands are flat which gives a huge advantage over round. It really comes down to basic hydrodynamics, the reason a water ski or paddle is flat versus round. A flat surface gives a larger surface area which will displace more water than a rounded surface. If you take that basic concept over to fishing you can understand why flat will have more movement in the water when compared to round rubber. I have had countless emails from people asking where they can find flat rubber. Well here it is in tab form! The tabs measure a full 1 ¼” wide and a little over 5 ½ inches long with 22 strands and can be mixed with silicone or used by themselves. If you have never used flat rubber you should give it a try. I can’t help but think of my grandfather cutting strands for jig making out of old bicycle inner tubes, crazy how times have changed.

    Definitely made for big fish, the Red Rubber Legs Tarantula is the fishing fly to throw when you need some attention. Aggresive fish can't resist the multiple wiggling legs and bright colors of this popular trout fly. Fly fishermen all over the West and in all parts of the fly fishing world have found this to work when trout just feel the need to eat.